We provide interactive widgets with all tools to help you make better trading decisions. The dashboard includes heat maps, currency prices, screeners, pip calculators, and an economic calendar.

  • A simple to navigate dashboard to help you enhance your trading.

  • Valuable information to simplify your decisions.

Trading Strategies

Our team has gathered various trading strategies to meet the risk profile and trading style of all traders. Distributed into six different categories covering all market types.

  • Scalping, Price action and News strategies.

  • Simple, Advanced and Complex.


The forex industry is always evolving, and the number of indicators is on a constant rise. We try to identify and increase our current database as to provide all available MT4 & MT5 indicators.

  • We provide hundreds of indicators for the MT platform.

  • Constantly increasing our database.

Queen Signals

Our Queen signals are more advanced and accurate than all other signals. Although rare, they are created by our most experienced analysts and approved by an internal committee. Queen signals are published several times a week.

  • Rare and Accurate signals.

  • Technically supported with Entry and Exit levels.