George Hadjinicodemou began his career in the banking sector as a credit officer in the Loan’s Department at the age of 26. The successful acquisition of his CFTe Technical Analysis diploma during this period saw him leaving the banking sector and obtaining a position as a Market Analyst. It wasn’t long after, that his inherent talent in understanding and analyzing the markets was widely recognized. This led him to become Instructor of Technical Analysis at a much younger age than usually expected. George’s passion for trading the financial markets along with his partnership with Constantinos Aristophanous inspired him towards becoming a Portfolio Manager. His attested ability to design automated trading strategies and indicators together with his deep understanding and knowledge of the markets were the reasons why he was leading various departments in regulated Investment firms, such as, Head of Brokerage, Head of Asset Management and Head of Dealing. Currently, George offers private 1-1 assistance to High Net Wealth individuals.