Constantinos Aristophanous began his career in Finance at a very early age. At 21, he entered the banking sector and was soon trusted to hold key positions. His effort, dedication and insight was promptly recognized and landed him a promotion as Chief Trader in the Foreign Currency Department. His many-year friendship and partnership with George Hadjinicodemou, enhanced by their unending passion for the markets has led towards the development of their own unique trading strategy, which gained instant recognition by being successfully implemented for Portfolio Management by one of the oldest and most respected Regulated Investment firms in Cyprus. Following the strategy’s success, Constantinos was nominated for the “40 Future Forex Leaders Under 40” award and took the decision to leave the Banking Sector in pursuit of a dynamic career in the Financial Markets. His quest for knowledge regarding all market related procedures and techniques has led him to key positions such as Head of Dealing, Senior Portfolio Manager and Executive Director. Constantinos also holds various other Non-Executive Directorships in regulated Investment Firms. He was also leading the dealing desk of Naga, a listed Investment Firm in Frankfurt during its historic profitable turn around. To this day, his status as a hardened veteran in the industry remains unchallenged. Constantinos is also a holder and tutor of the CFTe and STA Diploma and is currently a full member of CISI.